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1968, and Mike Mann, lovable but notorious ex pirate radio d.j. discovers his new job is in the BBC’s wartime radio nuclear bunker  
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Eve of Destruction
Cowsarse Media (c) 2014
500 Days based on a real story
Yesterday’s Hero
The Invincible Fortress at 47 Honeysuckle Lane has seen better days. Sonicman needs a new hearing aid, the Ratmobile is playing up again, Aquaman has a puncture in his armband and to top it all, nobody’s seen the Invisible Man for ages.
When Martin finally admits to himself that he is transsexual,  his life and that of his wife of 21 years are thrown into chaos
Available Shorts
Shadowcat - A witch makes a fateful decision
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Over My Dead Body
Changing Times
The Box of Stolen Lives
Cowsarse Media (c) 2014
Cowsarse Media (c) 2014
Cowsarse Media (c) 2014
Cowsarse Media (c) 2016
Cowsarse Media (c) 2014
When three accidental time-travellers arrive at Woolard Hall claiming they’re from 1642, it’s just another problem in the life of transwoman Michelle.
When self-made multi-millionaire Hermione Driscoll’s car crashes in mysterious circumstances, she discovers there’s more to life than ...  um ...  life.
Based on a True Story
Opening her Nana’s old wooden box takes a young woman on a 20 year journey from genocide to genetics in a quest to discover the secret of the ancient race of her ancestors.
Cowsarse Media (c) 2010
Scripts for the above are available